I've woke up far too early, i like to forget that there is a time before 6am, but here i am been awake since about 4.30am and no chance of sleeping so i've been doing some web surfing and found some great craft freebies. We all love to play around with new material and there's nothing better than getting something free so i thought i'd share with you some of my favourite finds of the morning.

1st up there is they have got some gorgeous christmas papers to print off.

then i found this they have got an awesome cutting file to use with SCAL it's a card with a snowflake design on the edge of it

There are so many cutting files on there i can see some of them appearing on my Christmas cards :)

One more site i wanted to share with you, this one has 100's of links to other sites with free SVG cutting files on

Hopyfully you'll love these sites as much as i am atm!!

Stay safe and Happy crafting


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