Time to treat myself

I've worked so hard this week even and i don't get any more time off now for another 6 weeks so i decided to treat myself. I got me some more of the sugar Nellie simply adorable stamps, so full length ones this time. More exciting is the magnolia Tilda mini i have ordered! these look so sweet i just can't wait for it to be delivered. Got bids of a few other stamps along with some exciting products that will be great to start using and i can wait to share them with everyone! Going to have a clear out tomorrow and get some of the bits i don't need or use any more onto eBay along with some more images that I've coloured tonight. I'll be sure to share them with you when I've done it.

Going to do my 1st project with the spring images tomorrow i will try to get it done in the morning but we'll see.


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