Finished Peacock

I spent ages looking at the stamp I'd coloured and just couldn't find any inspiration so I put it to one side and did a few other things. Then at about 4am this morning the idea came to me so I've finally been able to put it together. I used the cricut to cut out the labels from the "Just Because" cards cart I did the mirror card on portrait at 8 1/4" and the red card i stamped with a peacock feather background stamp and put that at 6". I put a piece of lovely black ribbon onto the mirrored piece before layering the red. I have then stuck on the peacock that i coloured and added some of the beautiful wilds orchid crafts flowers, a stick pin that i added some beads to some other beads in with flowers and a tag with the persons name on that this is for. I curved the tag and added some gems, the name has been wrote on with white Gel pen. I am actually really happy with out this has turned out.


Nava.K said…
Very creative and skillful, great end results.

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