My 1st Nappy/Diaper cake

I've been wanting to make one of these for a while and decided the perfect person to make my 1st for would be my sister who gave birth to a beautiful little boy on Easter Sunday. I've started by cutting out a piece of card and putting on it some wet wipes, baby bath, baby powder, nail clippers and a little hair brush. I've then rolled up the nappies and put a band around each of them to keep them in place and stood them up around the base to hide the items inside. Then i did the same on the next layer but made it a little smaller, then finally i did the same again on the top to make the 3 tier cake. Once all of the layers were done i wrapped the white ribbon around then wrapped the blue baby ribbon around the middle of the white sticking it with my hot glue gun ( I tried some other glues and tap but it just wasn't holding) When the whole cake was together and the ribbon was on i wrapped the whole thing in cellophane and put the bow and ribbon on the top.


Nava.K said…
This can be a great gift to someone who just had a baby. Over here, we are invited for the 30th day celebration and we normally get the baby's gift, similar to the one you have created.
Happy crafter said…
aww thats great :) this is what i made for my Sister who had her 1st baby at the weekend. And he is super gorgeous!!

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