Box and heart

hey crafters! well at last I've finally got something to post. I picked up a a little wooden box from a car boot sale for 50p the other week, I kinda had an idea what I was going to do with it but just haven't had the time yet to do it. I got a new product from Hobby Craft called paper perfect, i wasn't really sure what to expect from it but I'm really like it. It's very thick and once it has been applied and dried it's like handmade mulbery paper. So i covered the little box in the paper perfect in cashmere pink and let it dry. Once it was dry i have used some vintage seam binding from WOC and i put a bit of white lace around the bottom. I then covered in the top with more vintage seam binding, some of the gorgeous WOC flowers that i had in the post on Saturday and some beads. These black roses are so nice I'll be needing to order more soon. the other item that i have made is a paper mache heart, i have painted the heart with tapioca folk art acrylic paint and then used the folk art crackle paint on it, now I'm known for not reading instructions so to start with i wasn't impressed with the crackle paint, 3 times i put it on and 3 times i wasn't happy that i had no crackle, it was then that i decided to have a little look at the instructions and saw i needed to put another layer of the acrylic paint on the top. Once i had done that it worked great so I guess there is a lesson to learn, but i also know I'll still not read instructions lol. Well once the painting part of it was finally done i put a piece of WOC vintage seam binding around the edge and tied it into a bow at the bottom, i then added some more of the binding and the WOC flowers along with a stick pin that i made. I finished off the flowers with stickles. The heart has a magnet on the back of it also.


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