Gone to Wonderland

I've been making a few items lately that are very different from anything I've done before. I fancied trying to make some jewelry and after some thinking decided to make my 1st pieces using an old favourite, Alice in Wonderland.

The first item i  made was a necklace, now I'm still not sure if this is finished yet, I'm feeling that it is missing something but not sure what. I cut the chain at about 22" I didn't put a clasp on it as it will easily go over the head, then i used the vintage style frame and put a picture of the mad hatters tea party in it. The picture was glued in with Ranger Glossy accents and then i covered the whole thing in the same glue. That stuff is fab, once it dries it leaves a shiny, clear coating that looks almost like glass. Once the glue had dried I attached the pendant to the chain, I added a little bronze looking tea pot and a watch face to it. On the top I added 2 little ribbon bows. I have ordered some more charms so i might add another one to it yet, I know it still needs something. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment I always appreciate input.

The next item i had a go at was a charm bracelet, this was great fun to make. I cut the chain to the length I wanted and added a clasp. I got some Alice in Wonderland pictures and added them to 3 smaller frames again covering them with the glossy accents, I added several different beads and charms that i felt worked well with the Alice theme. Once the frames had dried I added them to the bracelet before finishing it off with some ribbons.  I actually like how this one turned out.

The next item I made was a bookmark. Once more I used a frame and a tea party picture, this time though instead of covering with the glossy accents i covered it with a glass dome. I used one of the bookmarks i had brought a while back and attached a length of silver chain to it. I added some beads and charms to the chain before putting the frame on the bottom of it. I kept this one as simple as i could do.

The last item on the Alice theme for now is a choker. this is probably the most simple item of them all. I used a piece of black organza ribbon and put a grip and some chain with a clasp at the ends of it. I put a dangle bead in the middle of the ribbon. Using another silver framed, black and white picture and glass dome i make the pendant. I added that to the dangle bead along with a little silver key.


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