Disney cars

I was asked to make a birthday card using a Disney cars theme. Straight away I could see how I wanted the finished card to look and couldn't wait to get started on it. I managed to get a template for a model of lightening McQueen from this web site http://family.go.com/printables/article-1015903-cars-printable-lightning-mcqueen-3d-papercraft-t/ It took me a while to get it all cut out and stuck together but there was definitely some child like fun to it.

Once the car was finished I set it aside and went in search for the other images I wanted. The piece I used for the back drop was perfect because I was able to Put my own words over the banner to personalize the card. The base I used just a simple photo of a road. I stuck the back drop to a piece of card stock and cut around it leaving 2 tabs at the bottom to hold it to the base.

For the base I made a stand the same was as you'd box a box base or lid, I then added a piece of red ribbon all around it and stuck on the road image. In the back of the stand I cut 2 slits to put the tabs into, once they were in there I glued them underneath the backdrop now stands up on it's own but can be lay flat to post.

When the whole thing was together I put the finished car on the base. This was a really fun card to make.


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