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Liebster Blog Award

I am so lucky to know so many amazing talented people and one of those wonderful people put a massive smile on my face today when I saw that she had picked my blog for this top 5 for this award so thank you VERY much KC you are awesome!!

About this award…
These awards give small bloggers with less than 200 followers some well deserved recognition for their creations. Here are the rules:
* Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
* Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
* Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
* Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.
* Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

Well I have been looking at all the blogs I follow, it was so hard to pick just 5 but after lots of looking and thinking this is my top 5 that I am awarding this too.

In No particular order.


Love lies Bleeding

I've got a very sad story to tell this week for the Macabre Monday challenge Most crafters are familiar with Edwin and Tilda, Well It turns out Edwin has been a bad boy, and he's really upset his Tilda! He thought he could come home to their pretty little house covered with roses give her a flower and it would all be ok. Well in the mean time Tilda had taken all she could, she found Edwin's gun and blew a hole in her head! making a terrible mess in the process. Poor Edwin if only he hadn't upset Tilda he wouldn't have had to come home to where his 'love lies bleeding'. Lol ok so you get the idea! I had the little mini Tilda delivered earlier in the week and I was thinking abut what to do for this challenge as I was colouring it in. I must admit it's been really fun to make. The front of the house I have drawn on the bricks and door to make it look like a house, I cut out the windows and put acetate …


I've done things a little bit backwards today, I made some things this morning as I was up far too early, then realised when I'd finished that I hadn't took my photo for this post first! So you will get to see the state of my desk after making things, with a few bits on it for future projects and you will even get to see the finished thing too! :) Hope you are all having a great wednesday by sure to head back to Julia's post and see what everyone else is up to today.

feeling a little bit hoppy

I printed this Image from the Debbi Moore cd woodland cuties and it's been sitting on my work desk for a week or so. I love frogs and this one is so cute! I've used K & Co papers on the background and the stamp I got a while ago but can't think where from now!

New toys!!!!

I was out all day and I missed a parcel, I hate it when that happens was wondering all night what it could be. Anyway I went to the post office this morning to collect it and it was my moldable craft foam! Of course I just had to have a play and see what I could do with it :D I made myself 3 background stamps with it. I used buttons on one, domino's on another and some die cut gears for the last one. I had a bit of a play around stamping some backgrounds I will hopefully do something with these later. The only background I did that I then finished is this one

Zombie Valentine candy

I wasn't going to show any of my Swap goodies, but as I ended up sharing the Alice canvas I thought I would share just one more, still plenty more in the box that will be a surprise. I was trying to think of a quirky idea when I looked at this box on my desk and though * light bulb above head* I know what I can do!! So what more would any zombie like than a box full of zombie candy, and what would be candy to a zombie?? Well that would be brains and guts of course lol

Bloody Valentine day 3

I have to say I have really enjoyed doing this blog hop, not only making the projects but seeing all of the fantastic work everyone else has been doing it has been a real privilege to take part with such wonderful talented people. If you haven't hopped along and seen what everyone else has been up to please have a look at the blog roll at the bottom of this post and have a look you will be amazed! My final project is something I have had in my head since I saw this stamp from and it is also one of the bits that will be on it's way to my SS tomorrow. I totally love Alice in wonderland and this stamp is awesome!! When I saw her holding the rabbits head the first thing I thought was oh wow Alice the bunny boiler, and that is what I decided to go with on this canvas. I started by painting the canvas black then when it was dry covered my hand with red paint and left a bloody smear on it the stamp was coloured in w…

Bloody Valentine day 2!

I hope everyone is enjoying looking at all the awesome work everyone is doing, you should have come to me from the Fabulous Fiona and after me should be heading off to see the tremendous Trisha I've put the full blog roll at the bottom of this post so if you didn't start from the beginning please do and see what wonderful projects everyone has made. For today's project I've gone a little more bloody! I made a canvas using lots of acrylic paint and another fab Image from I've also hot embossed the blood on the image with some red embossing powder. I even have a sneak preview of what tomorrows project might have in it lol I can honestly say it was awesome good fun!
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