Love lies Bleeding

I've got a very sad story to tell this week for the Macabre Monday challenge Most crafters are familiar with Edwin and Tilda, Well It turns out Edwin has been a bad boy, and he's really upset his Tilda! He thought he could come home to their pretty little house covered with roses give her a flower and it would all be ok.
Well in the mean time Tilda had taken all she could, she found Edwin's gun and blew a hole in her head! making a terrible mess in the process.
Poor Edwin if only he hadn't upset Tilda he wouldn't have had to come home to where his 'love lies bleeding'. Lol ok so you get the idea! I had the little mini Tilda delivered earlier in the week and I was thinking abut what to do for this challenge as I was colouring it in. I must admit it's been really fun to make. The front of the house I have drawn on the bricks and door to make it look like a house, I cut out the windows and put acetate on the inside of them. Inside the house I used some wall paper to covered the wall which is a board backed canvas. I used a piece of material as the carpet. I also used something i've never used before in craft, it's not actually a craft item but it worked well, the blood is red nail varnish :)


~Lady B~ said…
Frickin' Brilliant! LOVE it! You are a genius!!!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
HOLY SH*T!! That is brilliant! Our Ike will be so proud!
Just a warning though, The Magnolia Down Under folks will not be pleased.... LOL!!!
LOVE this!!!! Thank you for finding the inspiration from Haunted Design House to make such a horror this week!
ike said…
Bwaahahahahaha - another one bites the dust. !!! :-D Excellent creation - this is just amazing. Thank you for joining us at Haunted Design House. xxx
Andrea C said…
Amazing and hilarious. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House xxx
Alex said…
hee hee, this is FABULOUS!!!!!!
KC said…
this is awesome! I love it!!!
I have something for you on my blog.
Kate P. said…
OK - gotta say lovin' this so much - ha ha just brilliant!

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