Charity shop haul

I was feeling up to leaving the house today and needed to get a bit of shopping so I went into town, while I was there I called into a few charity shops. I love having a mooch in charity shops you just never know what you might find. Today was one of those oh wow sort of days. I picked up all of this for hardly anything!!
I will of course be turning it all into something else or changing it in some way other other :D The first item is a wicker basket that was £1.49
I thought that this would be great to keep some of my craft supplies in. then I picked up this awesome retro Cadburys tin, again I will probably keep some kind of craft supply in this, but I might also add a few bits to it. this was a massive 39p lol
in the same shop I also picked up this great little jewelry box, it's black inside which I loved and has a funky snake skin pattern on the outside It was just screaming out to be altered. Again this was £1.49
In the next shop I saw this lovely little basket it's made of wire and I know I will find a use for it, or find some crazy idea how to alter it. this one was £1.50
Then there was this lovely round shabby chic cushion case that was reduced to 30p!
and this satin covered head band that was also 30p, I am going to decorate this I just love headbands.
I picked up this lovely wooden frame and mirror (which I have already started to paint) for just 99p
The final Item I found by chance trying to get to a tub of beads, I looked and though why would they be selling a matchbox for £1 when I opened it I found a little wind up musical movement like you get in music boxes. It plays a children's nursery rhyme and I loved it.
so there you have it my collection of goodies it really is true what is one persons trash is another persons treasure!!


Kristina said…
All your findings are so killer awesome, I so cant wait to see what you do w/ them all! And the music thing wow that is a cool ass killer find too! The snake skin box, almost makes you not want to cover it cuz iy looks so wild! Tks for sharing your find! I have a qustions for you. Do you have a place to sign up via e-mail? Because I just stalked you via your stalking button. But I would loved to be notified when you make a post! Thanks!
Happycrafter said…
Hey Kristy I know what you mean with that snake skin box, I don't think I will be covering the whole thing i'm thinking maybe stamp onto tissue paper and mod podge it so the snake skin comes through underneath. I'm sure there is a way to subscribe via email, I will have a look into it for you and let you know! :)
Happycrafter said…
Well that was easy! there is now the option to subscribe to emails :D

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