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The reason I complain and feel sorry for myself right now

As a lot of you know I've not been very well for a while, I have been off work for 6 weeks now, not including the 2 weeks before that for Easter.

It all seemed to start with a rather nasty sinus infection that spread, that healed up and I was all set for going back to work but unfortunately only managed one day before having to go home with the worse headache/migraine I've ever had. This then lasted for another 4 weeks.

 I of course went to my GP who said it was a virus, then a week later said it's post viral. I have had countless tests done, all of which came back clear.

Okay so now I know what I've not got...but to closer to what I have got. This week when I went back my GP said that it is post viral fatigue, and if I have no improvement within a month I will be referred to the hospital.

 Now post viral fatigue... I had a bit of a think about it and thought, before I had this I never would have thought this is what it would be like. For everyone I guess things ar…

Smeared and Smudged Confessions blog hop

Smeared and Smudged May Member Blog Hop

Black Dragon
Susan S.
Lady Brayton
I have to say I was starting to wonder if i'd get this done in time. Been a tough few days, making anything has just been too painful so I decided to make a digital page for this blog hop. I had to have a long think about what I was going to do as you never know who might tell your Mum what you say lol.
The piece I decided to make was about a weekend when I was 14. I was staying at my grandparents for the night and we went to the local social club. My gran asked what I wanted to drink an I told her Diamond White, wasn't really even sure what it was all I knew was all my friends at school had been talking about it so I wanted to try it. Well my gran got me this bottle of it probably not even knowing what it was, now don't think my gran was irresponsible, anyone that knows her would know that is far from the truth, she is just…

Skull Appreciation Day Blog Hop with Smeared Ink

Do you love creating amazing projects that showcase skully goodness? Wanna get some traffic to your blog and share your obsession? Join us on June 4th for one wild blog hop event! We will be celebrating Skull Appreciation Day by featuring handmade projects that spotlight the much-loved cranium. We will also be giving away tons of freebies during the hop! 
 How can you participate, you ask?

Well, there are a couple of ways to get in on the action. To spread the word,
grab our button here and post it to your blog, facebook page, or website and share the info. Then come hop through the amazing projects on the 4th. 
 To join in, simply make a homemade project or craft that features a skull and sign up to be included in our hop list. This is open to any crafter or artist who would like to feature a handmade skull-themed project. You can sign up by leaving a comment your name and blog address. All participants will receive a free Smeared Ink Skull Appreciation digi image to add to your…