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I have to say I was starting to wonder if i'd get this done in time. Been a tough few days, making anything has just been too painful so I decided to make a digital page for this blog hop. I had to have a long think about what I was going to do as you never know who might tell your Mum what you say lol.
The piece I decided to make was about a weekend when I was 14. I was staying at my grandparents for the night and we went to the local social club. My gran asked what I wanted to drink an I told her Diamond White, wasn't really even sure what it was all I knew was all my friends at school had been talking about it so I wanted to try it. Well my gran got me this bottle of it probably not even knowing what it was, now don't think my gran was irresponsible, anyone that knows her would know that is far from the truth, she is just old fashioned and sees no harm in anything, well didn't anyway. Unfortunately she is now in a nursing home as she has Alzheimers she is in her 90's now but even though she's not sure who anyone is and gets confused about everything she is a proper little fighter and I love her to bits. Well back to the story...I drank my Diamond White, I don't remember if i had a second or not, it was the first time that i'd ever really drank that I remember so it didn't take much to get me drunk. Now the getting drunk bit wasn't so bad but the hangover the day was just terrible. I was determined i wasn't going to tell my Mum that I had got drunk and that I was really suffering the next morning when I was picked up to go with the rest of the family to Cosford air show. Now i'm sure everyone has had a hang over at some point or other and the last thing you want is loud jets booming around your head all day lol lets just say it's a day I won't forget!! So that is my confession! Please take a look at what everyone else has been hiding from their Mum's I'm certain it will make for exciting viewing :)


Anonymous said…
Cute Shell. I have a LOT of those stories! ;) I love your layout!
Nice story! Oh, I´ve done so many stupid things because of alcohol ;)
Jane said…
Love this Shell I think most of us have been there at some time xxx
DK Spins said…
Your Gran sounds pretty dang cool! Love the layout you did, it so tells the story of the "Diamond White" nite, such vivid images & colors. Can't imagine having to be around jets with a hangover, poor kid. Great job!
MaRyKaY said…
Your digital work is gorgeous. I love that pic of the chick. very gothic sexy...
I need to get on learning this digital stuff.
I have many of those nights notched in my headboard..
My Mum knows all about it. That's why I've never drove her car. hahha
thanks for sharing this is awesome
monique said…
gorgeous digital work,love your layout
blackdragon said…
Beautiful shell and the vulcan bomber is one beautiful old lady... i still try to see her fly whenever i can....boy shes noisy.... must be terrible with a hang over!
love BDx
Kristina said…
Shell, what a cool looking digi page! Love all the images you chose to show us! I too have bee drunk for the 1st time at that age and the next day had to go out with the family, I just kept telling my mom that I was sick so she took me to the doctor, but our doctor spoke Spanish and not English too well and she could not understand what he was trying to tell her. Lucky for me I do know Spanish and told my mom that she was saying that I was dehydraded. I know Im rotten lol! I could not imagine having to go to an air show with a hang over that is horrible!!
ike said…
Hahaha - awesome Shell. Your digi page is great. Don't you think it was a bit of Sod's Law that you were having to go to an airshow with a hangover. LoL Fabulous Granny :-D xxxxx
Tori said…
LOL - what a fun story! Not many people can say that their Gran got them drunk ;)
Great digi work - I'm glad you were able to play along in our member hop and I hope you start to feel better soon!
Never had a hangover, but I've been told they are pretty gruesome LOL .... Love the story and you have depicted it perfectly.

PS speaking as a mother who doesn't allow her kids to drink....... serves you bloody right !!!! LMAO
Shelley Knight said…
Lol you know the more I think about it the more I am remembering drinking with me gran! She used to pour a wicked brandy and babycham, and her port and lemons were always very lemon shy lol I went with her on a British legion trip to France to visit war graves and got tipsy on French beer, I think I was only 14 then too haha. Yup I have an Awrsome gran and I am so greatful for all of those wonderful memories, its such a shame she is how she is now.
~Lady B~ said…
Such a dynamic piece!!! I love the images in your collage and I can totally relate to the back story :) BTW...I love your Gran! Feel better soon. I'm so glad you were able to play along despite the crap you're going through. I love your work!
Ally White Cat said…
your art is always so stunning and fabulous..hope you have a beautiful day today.
susan s.
Andrea C said…
Amazing piece and love your little confession xx
Anonymous said…
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