Altered book and pin cushions


KC said…
I'm going to work I'm not going to watch this. I'm going to work I'm not going to watch this. I'm going to work I'm not going to watch this. ok maybe I'll just watch parts of it right now :) thanks for making this I can't wait to see!!
I still need to do the proper tut, this is just a better look and quick explanation :)
ike said…
OMG.... these are just AWESOME and I absolutely LUV that book one. Pleeeeeeeeeeeez can we have a TuT. ??!!! Pretty pleeez - kissy kissy, luv u 4eva' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am working on it Ike been really hectic here with the end of term coming up I got me a new camera and a tripod that doesn't require me to hold the camera on with elastic bands hahaha I might have to do it blue peter style.....always wanted to do that "and this is one we made earlier" lol xxx
Kristina said…
Hi Shell, I was coming back to see if you posted the video tut on this yet? I love your voice, it's so cute! What does "Blue peter style" mean?? I cant wait till you get time to make a tut!! I so would love to make one of these! Your AWESOME girlie!
I hate the sound of my voice lol. Blue peter is a kids v show over here and when I was younger they used to make things once they made Tracy Island from the Thunderbirds but it was made for household junk basically, well every time they made something they showed you a little bit then fetched one that was finished and said "and this is one we made earlier"

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