burned flower, and a little Thursday Inspiration for the Tuesday Alchemy Challenge

I seem to have been on a craft marathon today! I've made cards for teachers, Cards for my eldest son who will be 12 tomorrow!!! I've made notebooks and now a flower :)

I really love making these flowers they are so easy and fun and I thought it would be a good way to share some extra inspiration for the Tuesday Alchemy challenge this week.

There are 100's of tutorials on how to make these flowers so I won't be doing one or going into details unless someone really wants me to.

Everything I have used came from my ever growing stash, I am trying to use up some things that I have had for a long time so expect some projects coming up showing what I've done with all my scraps and old craft stash :)

So this is the flower, I really love the sparkly button I have used in the middle of this, it gives it just that little bit of bling :D


BlackLissi said…
Wow! What a beautiful creation Shell! I'm really impressed! I love, i love, i LOVE it! :)
Laine said…
Wow Shell - gorgeous flower. Great job!!


Gorgeous, Shell! Thanks for the additional inspiration :)

I've tried making those flowers - Sometimes, they turn out fantastic & other times . . well, not so much. I'll have to keep trying until I get it right.

Happiness :)
Eileen Ng said…
Great job with the flower! I am not so skilled when it comes to ribbon. They just don't ever twist the right way for me! :D

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