Smudgy Antics Challenge Reptile rampage

This week our challenge at smudgy antics is Reptile rampage

Reptile: 1.) Any various cold-blooded, usually egg-laying vertebrates of the class Reptilia (think snake, lizard, crocodile, turtle, dinosaur, or dragon).
Reptile:  2.) A person being regarded as despicable or treacherous.

Rampage:  Violent or excited behavior that is reckless, uncontrolled, or destructive.

We are asking you to incorporate the spirit of a reptile rampage into your project for the week.  There are several directions you can take this prompt.  You can use an image of a reptile or you can use papers or textures that resemble a reptile's skin, or in the case of a turtle, its shell.  You can throw caution to the wind and get reckless in the creation of your project by ripping, tearing, and distressing a project almost to the point of destruction while still maintaining an awesome piece.  This theme would be great for art journal pages too.  Show us, through your art, a time where you may have been reckless or on a rampage.  Too much?  How about doing a journal piece or ATC about someone or something you regard as despicable or treacherous?  If it is NOT EVIDENT as to how you used the challenge theme REPTILE RAMPAGE in your project, please explain it in your blog post.

The sky is the limit.  The more creative, the better!  All artistic mediums are accepted as long as a stamped image is used somewhere in your project and you follow the challenge rules which are posted on the left side-bar.  We can't wait to see your creations!

I have altered a jewelry box and used one of the fabulous new images from smeared ink  this one is called feeling a little snakey 


ike said…
Soooo gorgeous Love the box but that image really rocks !! Awesome colour choices and it's come out soooo creepy pretty :-) xxx
monique said…
awesome box , really pretty, love the coloring of the image too
monique said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristina said…
Oh Shell this is really terrific! I love that you covered a jewelry box! It turned out just stunning! You always do wonderful art work! You Rock!

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