Smudgy Antics Challenge Time stands still

We at Smudgy Antics are asking you to slow it down a bit for this challenge.  Not only will time be slowing down, it will be at a complete stop because this week's theme is "TIME STANDS STILL".  

I have made a frame from a book, using the smeared ink stamp It's about time hourglass which has been stopped still with some barbed all made sense in my head lol

I do hope you will come and play along with us this week


monique said…
great idea to use a book, it's brilliant, love how it turned out
Kate M said…
Great design
Zoe said…
Great idea, love how it's turned out xxx
krafty-kutz said…
I keep looking at your blog.. Is that u shell? Lol, shells no angel?? Gorgeous creation btw xxx
Danie May said…
Great Project xx
Hi Krafty I think it must be a different Shell :)
Kristina said…
This turned out great! Wonderful idea, and executed perfectly too! You made it look grungy it's brilliant! Love your work! Also I am sending you healing vibes take care of yourself sis!
great project, shell! and the barbed wire looks so cool! :) xx
Ally White Cat said…
I love this. wow. I love the time piece..the wonderful hour glass.
you made awesome art here Shell.
susan s.

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