Altered Alice, smeared and smudged GDT challenge

This is a canvas I have made for the GDT challenge over at the smeared and smudged forum If you enjoy sharing your crafts and would like to get some inspiration from a group of seriously talented people then drop by and say hi!

I started by using 2 stencils and some modeling paste to make the cards and the spider web, then I covered the whole thing in gesso when it was dry. after that I added the colours I used mainly reds and burnt umber, I put the paints on mainly with a pallet knife to get some texture. when the paint was dry I sprayed over the whole thing with several different mists then let it dry again. Then I printed off the White Rabbit Single- Wonderland digi and coloured it, I cut out just the alice part as I wanted her lying on top of the cards. I did the digi tranfer and then inked over the edges and other bits with walnut stain distress ink. I will be doing a tutorial this week on the digi transfers. 


ike said…
OMG - seriously wonderful. Such gorgeous textures and I love the colour effect. This is magical Shell xxxxxxxxxx
~Lady B~ said…
Wickedly cool! I still haven't had the courage to jump into mixed-media, but your work sure makes me want to try :)
You shoudl go for it, I know you would create some wonder lfyl things xx

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