Day 2 of Smeared and Smudged's Bloody Valentine hop

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How awesome were all those projects yesterday!!

My piece today is an altered papier mache skull. I have used the rust technique from Andy Skinners Timeworn online course then I stamped over it with different smeared ink stamps. to finish it I added some red roses.


Fabulous project, love the flowers
Lindsay xx
Sharon Sahl said…
Sets my mind to wondering what circumstances would cause a skull to be so rusted. We should send it over to the crew of "Bones" to see what they make of it. Cool project!!
So creepy cool! Will have to check out that rust technique! Thanks for the inspiration!
Wendy said…
Yikes...great project Shell! Love the color and texture. Really looks rusted. The stamping and roses finish the piece!
monique said…
great skull love the roses, awesome idea
Ally White Cat said…
how wonderful..I know you will be proud to display that.
awesome Shell
susan s
Sandy said…
Love the rusty skull and the creative touch of the red roses. Rust and red roses - it doesn't get any better!
ike said…
Great stuff - he's a creepy looking bugger isn't he ??!!!! Fabulous x
~Lady B~ said…
Cool rust effect and I love the addition of the roses!

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