Use METAL with Smudgy Antics

For this challenge you need to use metal on your I've been slightly naughty with this piece as I've not actually used metal as such, instead I used metallic paints, copper spray paint and metallic embossing powders. 

I worked on a 16" x 20" canvas board. I covered it with the metallic paints which I added with a sponge. The images are from the Venice digi set I transferred them to the canvas once the paint was dry and added a little bit of metallic paint and metallic wax to them. The 2 papier mache masks were from hobby craft, the one on the top was covered with several layers of the metal Utee and the one on the bottom was covered with a few coats of copper spray paint, when it was dry I added the gems. Both masks were finished off with some black feathers. 


GrĂ¡inne said…
Looks gorgeous.Love the little masks with the feathers. Suzanne x

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