Oh the Horror, Silent Hill

The movie inspiration for the Oh the Horror Challenge this month on the smeared and smudged forum is Silent Hill.

I have watched this movie many times and it has taken a few weeks to pick out what bits of it I wanted to work with. I started by grunging up my page with some distress inks. Then I used Stamps from the Haunted places 2 which is a Rick St Dennis stamp set exclusive to Smeared Ink. Now I know that these sort of buildings are not in the movie, but they have the eerie feel that the movie gives, the other stamp I used is the barbed wire from the urban decay set also from Smeared Ink. I was inspired to use the barbed wire stamp by the scene in the movie that is close to the end when the girl is on the bed and all those wires...roots...whatever they are come out and start grabbing onto anyone and anything. I then inked all around my page with red chalk ink to represent all the blood that is in there then finally I got a lighter and burned in some random places as I couldn't do a silent hill piece without some reference to fire.


ike said…
FANTASTIC ... I haven't seen the movie yet but I am working on getting it soon.
This is wonderful Shell and I like the thought behind the burnt bits :-D

IKE xxxxxxxx

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