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Oh boy am I excited to share this months blog hop piece with you.  The theme for this one is Redrum. For me 2 things come to mind, the first being the famous race horse and the 2nd is the shining so I have used a bit of both as inspiration for my piece. 

Before I go on here is the full blog roll so you can take a look at the other pieces.

 photo 2014DTButton_zps70939c59.jpg

The first thing I did to this journal page was to stamp over it with the hands prints from the smeared ink prints set, I then wrote redrum all over it with a a bingo marker and then inked over it through a piece of Punchinella Sequin Waste.

The image that I have used on the front is one of the brand new images drawn by Ike that will  be coming to the Smeared Ink store real soon.


Matney said…
Very cool how you incorporated both inspirations into one piece. wonderfully textured page and love the hand stamps and smears!
KC said…
eeewww creepy! I love the drips and hand prints and the words..the horse...all of it! amazing job!
KC said…
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Wicked cool! I really love Ike's new demon horses and that you guys had an alternate source of inspiration­čśë. Redrum just screams King to me so I'm thrilled to have widened my creepy reference library­čśë
Rocio De Alba said…
Love your mixed media style! The horse is really awesome and the whole thing is creepy. I love it!

Susan Salyer said…
oh Shell this is wonderful wow! LOVE the new images they are creepy goodness and you are inspiring as always .Thank you for sharing.
susan s
Vee Cassidy said…
Excellently gory background and beautifully coloured image. Vee xx
ike said…
That is just brilliant - I love the handprints stamps and my new horsie looks awesome on there :-D xxx
~Lady B~ said…
Wickedly cool journal page, Shell! The bloody hand prints are great as well as the writing with the bingo marker. It really looks like blood! I need to get my hands on some Punchinella. I love the look it gives. Awesome horse digi!
DonnaMundinger said…
OOOOhhh!!! this page gave me the shivers. Fabulously creepy, shell! xxD

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