Day 5

Oh Boy what a nightmare I am having! Today's post is very late and very rubbish :( My laptop  has decided that I spend too much time on it so isn't going to switch on for more ten 30 seconds anymore. The post I had started to make for today fell on the floor and in sort of slow motion it fell as I was moving my chair, next thing the wheels had gone over it and ruined it. So instead I've got an ATC to share, I used stamps from the very skelly christmas rubber set from smeared ink, there is a link to the shop in my previous post and also a link to all of the other hoppers there too as I can't seem to put that on here on my phone.

I'm currently rebuilding one of my old pc's which should allow me to have a better post for next time. 


DogsMom said…
You are living the Nightmare Before Creepmas?

I bet you'll find a way to salvage the other project.
Can't help you with the electronics.

Today's card is cute rather than creepy.
I like those too.
Oh no! I hope things start improving for you and you can fix your computer! Cute ATC!
Deborah Frings said…
Cute ATC - I like the candy canes. Sounds like you need a new PC/laptop for Creepmas, sorry Christmas!
NanB said…
wouldn't be creepmas without computer demons!! So sorry Shell! This has been a trying hop for me too! I thought if we make 31 days what is 12 days...I found out put Christmas and an anniversary party to plan on top of those 12 days!! Good luck with the computer and I love your candy canes and tinsel..I love sparkle!Hugs!
Oh no, what a kerfuffle you're in, bad bad computer, sounds to me like it's hanging out with Nan's naughty printer, what a pair! Your project is lovely & festive despite all the drama!
Oh you have my sympathies - when things go wrong, they do all seem to go wrong at once, don't they? Hopefully thisas means that everything will go right first time when it gets to Christmas and you'll have a completely stress-free holiday. Great ATC, I love the tinsel :D
Susan Renshaw said…
You have my sympathies too...I just took my Mum and dad away for a few days R&R and my dongle would not work. So no internet for 5 days - withdrawal symptoms!! Luckily I had scheduled my posts but could not comment at all. Cute ATC anyway!!
DonnaMundinger said…
Awww, you poor thing! What a PITA! Still love your little ATC. Such fun sparkle. xxD

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