Day 6 of Chrismas

Still all fun and games here, I have at least been able to make this journal page to share with you all, the idea behind this piece is my belief that we should always try to remember that no matter what problems we have there is always someone out there with a worse deal. I've used the snowman from the Dark Holidaze rubber set which can be found here.


DogsMom said…
Very vivid. Good sense of action!
DonnaMundinger said…
Great page, shell! Sooo true! xxD
But look on the bright side, the snowman might be a bit kinky and enjoy it :P
Hahaha! Love it! This is a little bit how I am feeling today--like I keep getting peed on!
TangledBlueRose said…
oooo LOL wickedly funny! Great project!~kim
NanB said…
Such wisdom from a snowman! And such giggles from me! Love this sooo much! Awesome!!
Deborah Frings said…
LOL!! This is a really fun page - great image and lovely words.
Ewwwwwwww bwahahahahaha, so very funny, good one Shell!
Susan Renshaw said…
Love the sentiment! Great snowman!

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