Day 9 of 31 Days of Halloween

I am well and truly failing this year! You know those months where if it can go wrong it will? Yup I'm having one of those. I am having to try and blog from my phone and tablet after taking my pc apart, I will get it fixed at some point I hope!

The yesterday I was all ready to sit and create ready to share and my washing machine decided that it would be much more fun to empty a full load of water all over the floor rather than just drain it down the pipes. the washing machine was fulled out and after some fixing and trouble shooting I decided I was onto a losing battle and went to buy a brand new one.

Now before you say "but you could have got someone in to fix it cheaper" let me tell you I've had that machine for a few years, it was second hand and £30 from eBay when my old ancient machine gave up on me and I just needed a cheap option while I looked for a new one. It was the best £30 I had ever spent and it did exactly what I needed it to for longer that I expected.

So here we are a day later, several loads of laundry washed and Ive actually been able to create!!!!

I am sharing another page from my altered book today, the stamps I've used are from Smeared Ink and Stampin' Up!

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Mary Holshouser said…
Little doll looks like her day was as stressful
as your's was. Great pages.
Any more it is cheaper and easier to go buy new
than it is to try to repair some of these
appliances. Enjoy your new machine.
I'm envy you using your phone to blog - I'm
lucky to get the silly thing to do simple things -
like respond to a voice mail. guess you can
tell I'm not 'puter-literate.
thanks for sharin.
Amanda Phillips said…
I am digging your two halves image!!!
Susan Renshaw said…
The blue is so eyecatching and so different from the left hand side!
Susan Salyer said…
I love both they are so fabulous...spooky mahahahahaha
Sorry to hear of your troubles. Hate those kind of days!
Your altered pages are fun. Happy that you were able to create!
And that's a great way to relieve some stress...
Viki Banaszak said…
Eeeeek! That dolly is scary!

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