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Sweat and Tears

On the 1st of July I am going to do something that just isn't me...I am going to run a race!

Not only am I going to run the 5k I am going to do it trough mud and over obstacles. now I am no princess...but I really don't like the idea of being sweaty, covered in mud and out of breath! So I'm trying very hard to over come these things as the race is for such a good cause. This all started a few months back when a group of ladies at the slimming world group I go were talking about signing up, I love a good challenge so of course I was in. 
My issue now is this...We are only a month away from race day, I am still as unfit now as I was when we signed up. I've got a few medical issues going on which isn't helping but generally I am just unfit. So what do we think? A month to be able to run 5k?...Lets do it!!!! 

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Lets just get this out there...I am a gamer, always have been, always will be. Now can we just clear this first...when I say I am a gamer I don't mean I play those silly Facebook I own a farm games, nor do I mean pretty pink fluffy girly games. I am a gamer who likes to blow stuff up, preferably another person...I have to be nice all day and sometimes you just need to make someone cry game tears.

You may or may not know what Twitch is so I thought I would share a bit about it. Firstly Twitch is what all the cool kids do (I know, don't even ask me how I ended up there) it is not however anything at all to do with involuntary muscle movements. Twitch is a place where you can live stream or upload videos with anything to do with gaming really. I have to admit I don't spend a massive amount of time watching other people game...truthfully because it is boring and I'd rather..well I'd rather be gaming!
That said it is helpful sometimes when you want to know if something …

I've got a black heart

Yes I have a black heart...shaped box to share with you tonight. As it is half term and I'm done with uni for a few months I actually got a bit of time today to play!  I painted this little box with black gesso some time ago and never got chance to finish it so today I started by giving it a spritz of glimmer mist then added the head trim and mulbery flowers. I really like the colour combo although I wasn't sure to start with that it would work.

Geek boxes and fake tans

I dread shorts weather every year, I'm really not comfortable sharing my legs with the world but I'm also too flipping hot for jeans so I have this dilemma every year. I don't tan, I burn go bright red, peel and go white. So I know that the first time my legs will see the sun they will be as white as white comes. I have a few options to solve this problem right? Well I could go and get one of those spray tans...which involves being naked in front of a complete stranger while they spray paint me like a car in the body shop. Yeah that isn't going to work for me. Well I could try tanning beds? yes, apart from the burning issue, being under fake sun doesn't mean I burn any less. so my only real options are:put up with white legsuse fake tan Option 1 is the one I normally go every single year, or I just avoid leaving the house because that works too! This year I thought I would give option 2 a go. I had a complete fear before I started that I would end up lo…

This Girl Does

You might be noticing a few changes on my blog, there are even more coming soon.

I have decided in order to simplify my life somewhat from now on I am going to stay in one place. That means that I won't be only posting my crafting on here anymore, I want to use this for all aspects of my life, crafting, gardening, my weight loss journey and along with my love of all things weird and wonderful.

I do hope that you understand my need to change things up a little, trying to be me is hard work most days so trying to be me when I am so fragmented and spread all over the place is just not working any more.

I am currently battling with 2 EMA's for uni (which is obviously the perfect time to have my mind of completely changing my online presence right?) as soon as they are done and handed in I will be sharing an insufferable amount of my life with you all....don't say wasn't warned.

If this is no longer for you then that's fine, thank you for sticking around this long and h…