Geek boxes and fake tans

I dread shorts weather every year, I'm really not comfortable sharing my legs with the world but I'm also too flipping hot for jeans so I have this dilemma every year. I don't tan, I burn go bright red, peel and go white. So I know that the first time my legs will see the sun they will be as white as white comes. I have a few options to solve this problem right? Well I could go and get one of those spray tans...which involves being naked in front of a complete stranger while they spray paint me like a car in the body shop. Yeah that isn't going to work for me. Well I could try tanning beds? yes, apart from the burning issue, being under fake sun doesn't mean I burn any less. so my only real options are:
  1. put up with white legs
  2. use fake tan
Option 1 is the one I normally go every single year, or I just avoid leaving the house because that works too!
This year I thought I would give option 2 a go. I had a complete fear before I started that I would end up looking like Donald Trump and as soon as I started to apply it and saw how orange my hands were going (how are you supposed to wear gloves and still apply the stuff?). I did think about just applying a little bit and seeing what happens, but that just isn't me so I covered myself completely in it and hoped for the best!

I've got to say I am actually rather pleased and I may now be able to leave the house without everyone thinking I am a vampire...

The product I used was Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan

I've gone with the light one as I am so pale anything darker would have looked terrible. 
Here are the results

Just enough for it to look healthy without looking too fake. 

Right now that is the fake tan over I wanted to talk about my Geek Box this month. It is the highlight of my month having that land on my doorstep. This month the selection in there was amazing.

Every box I have had has been filled with things that I would totally buy and it works out so much cheaper. If you'd like to get your very own box head over to here and have a look what there is!

Until next time 

Mimi x


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