Sweat and Tears

On the 1st of July I am going to do something that just isn't me...I am going to run a race!

Not only am I going to run the 5k I am going to do it trough mud and over obstacles. now I am no princess...but I really don't like the idea of being sweaty, covered in mud and out of breath! So I'm trying very hard to over come these things as the race is for such a good cause. This all started a few months back when a group of ladies at the slimming world group I go were talking about signing up, I love a good challenge so of course I was in. 

My issue now is this...We are only a month away from race day, I am still as unfit now as I was when we signed up. I've got a few medical issues going on which isn't helping but generally I am just unfit. So what do we think? A month to be able to run 5k?...Lets do it!!!! 

If you are feeling generous and would like to leave me a donation then please do so here>>https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/shellys-fundraising-page-10

With that said...I'm going to go and look at my weights and trainers for a bit....baby steps right?!?

Until next time!
Mimi x


Borqna said…
Good luck!!!
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