This Girl Does

You might be noticing a few changes on my blog, there are even more coming soon.

I have decided in order to simplify my life somewhat from now on I am going to stay in one place. That means that I won't be only posting my crafting on here anymore, I want to use this for all aspects of my life, crafting, gardening, my weight loss journey and along with my love of all things weird and wonderful.

I do hope that you understand my need to change things up a little, trying to be me is hard work most days so trying to be me when I am so fragmented and spread all over the place is just not working any more.

I am currently battling with 2 EMA's for uni (which is obviously the perfect time to have my mind of completely changing my online presence right?) as soon as they are done and handed in I will be sharing an insufferable amount of my life with you all....don't say wasn't warned.

If this is no longer for you then that's fine, thank you for sticking around this long and have a great life!

For those of you who decide to stick around and see where we end up....hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Until next time stay happy.



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