Lets just get this out there...I am a gamer, always have been, always will be. Now can we just clear this first...when I say I am a gamer I don't mean I play those silly Facebook I own a farm games, nor do I mean pretty pink fluffy girly games. I am a gamer who likes to blow stuff up, preferably another person...I have to be nice all day and sometimes you just need to make someone cry game tears.

You may or may not know what Twitch is so I thought I would share a bit about it. Firstly Twitch is what all the cool kids do (I know, don't even ask me how I ended up there) it is not however anything at all to do with involuntary muscle movements. Twitch is a place where you can live stream or upload videos with anything to do with gaming really. I have to admit I don't spend a massive amount of time watching other people game...truthfully because it is boring and I'd rather..well I'd rather be gaming!

That said it is helpful sometimes when you want to know if something will work, or you want to see how someone else does something. My absolute favourite game to play is EVE online, it is a crazy world filled with spaceships and bad guys. However, you could not ask for a better bunch of people on the whole to get to kill...this is most certainly not a game for people who cry easily. 

I do play other games, I like weird indie games too, the stranger the better really. 

So anyway back to Twitch, I've started streaming, or recording and  uploading some of my game play mostly becasue I've been playing this game for years now and I figured it might be of use to some newer players.

If you are also a pod pilot I'd love to hear from you and maybe hangout in the vastness of space.

Until next time!
Mimi x

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