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It wasn't even my fault.

I've been thinking about this post for about a week now, every time I thought about writing it I realised it was not in a fit state mentally to try and relive it.

On the 4th of June I had spent the day on the allotment, finally got the grass cut, my brother rotavated 2 big beds and I was feeling great, things were really starting to look up on there and as I had finished with uni for a few months and we'd had the dreaded Ofsted at work I thought I have a bit of time now to spend on the plot making sure it was in full use.

We left there around 3pm, dropped the stead to put the big petrol mower and strimmer in the back, and headed home. I was roughly 30 seconds away from home when it happened. I van was parked in it's usual spot on the bend so I slowed right down until I could see around the bend. In a split second it was all over.

It started with seeing the car...too fast, far too fast, then skidding and drifting around the bend coming faster and faster towards me, the look…