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Down But Not Out

What a messy year this has been so far! I feel like I've spend all year picking myself up just to fall at the next hurdle and I'll be honest it is wearing on my now.

I'm trying to hard to stay positive, trying to keep smiling, keep moving forward but it's becoming harder every day. The things that people think should be bothering me don't and the things that shouldn't bother me do. My head is a mixed up messy place...some days it is so full of noise that I can't think straight other days it's a very lonely place. I am not sharing this because I need your pity, I don't want help or to be told it will all be okay. I know these things, I guess this is part of a process for me, one I need to just go through to be able to see the rainbow.

So what has got me down this past few weeks? The same kid who hit me almost hitting me again proving he has learned nothing at all from last time, having 2 beautiful previous students lose their lives in a terrible car …

Smeared Ink Reunion Blog hop

Oh how happy my heart was when I heard about this blog hop. I miss the Smeared and Smudged team so much.

I had planned to make something really special, then thanks to a bad decision by someone else that all went out of the window.

What I have made is a piece using 2 different stamp sets - Femdom and Winged Hearts

The background was made using different inks that were sprayed over the top of some die cut letters. for the frame I've used card, crepe paper and some strips of leather.

I am really looking forward to hopping along later to see what everyone else has made.

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