Take a Moment to Just Be

Do you ever got to head spinning, heart pounding feeling when your to do list is longer than your arm and people are still asking for the impossible? This pretty sums up this past couple of weeks for me, I really love my job and I also get the results people need but sometimes I think it's too easy to forget I'm just a human and I can't hold the world in my hands and fix it too. 

We have all been on one side or other of this, I know I've possibly demanded too much of people myself in the past, when you hear that sigh and see the look of panic in someone eyes you know your task is probably just one too many!

I'm determined to get through this half term without any major stresses in my life, on paper that sounds easy enough right? Of course now add to that the most varied and crazy job, with 30 hours of study for uni, and another course with very tight deadlines, a family, an allotment, plans to dig up the lawn at home and replace it with a poly tunnel so I can grow more...my head is already starting to spin. 

So far though, it's actually going pretty good. My new rule of unless it's marking I am not taking it home is working well, I have a schedule for study which is being stuck to. I make sure I take breaks to wander bare foot in the garden and just breathe.

There are two massive changes that have been made and they really seem to be making a world of difference, the first is disconnecting. With having a job that requires being contacted throughout the day, and often still getting emails through the nights and weekends, doing a distance learning degree, you would think that disconnecting would be impossible right? It was actually easier than I could have even imagined. I now don't pick up emails in the evenings or weekends, when I study I use only the site I need for course materials, turned off all notifications for social media and I can let you know a secret...I really don't miss knowing what everyone is having for their dinner, what they are watching on tv, how long they were awake for in the night, I'm actually quite content with just focusing on my own life. You cut out social media for a few days and see just how much more you get done!

The other major change that I've made is in trying to prevent becoming sick, I am normally the first one to come down with a cold, sickness bug or pretty much anything that is going around. I am now into week 3 without a sign of anything even though pretty much everyone around me is full of a cold. Now it would be that I am just lucky, could be that I just haven't got it yet, or it could be all the work I've done to try and protect myself. I've made so many different tinctures, syrups, tea mixes all carefully researched to try and get through this term without picking up the many bugs that do the rounds, of course you would also say that so far I'm not feeling poorly because I'm believing enough that I feel great! Which ever it actually is I am not going to complain, I do genuinely feel fantastic right now.

Yarrow Tincture

Elderberry Syrup

Well all that rambling and I've not actually got to the point yet! As you've seen things are crazy right now, but I don't have to go crazy with it so I'm making sure I take some time each day to just be. A few minutes to focus on breathing, the ritual of making a bowl of Matcha tea, a walk to feel the wind on my face and hear the birds in the trees, to do some knitting or have a soak in the tub. No matter what it is, the purpose is the same, to just be still and for those moments not have a care in the world, believe me it's the most magical feeling. 

So my advice to you? No matter how bad it is, no matter how much there is to do, no matter the deadlines, take some time. Take a few moments to just be, notice your breath go in and out, create some silence in your mind and recharge just for a moment. Your sanity will thank you. 

Well this is my moment today, sometimes getting things on paper (screen) and out of your head is important, one less thing competing for your time. 

Take care of yourselves, the world can wait. 

Mimi x



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