31 Days of Halloween 2017 - Day 1

Oh I have had such a dilemma this year, I know I already have more going on in my life that I have time for but I just can't bare the thought of this happening and me not taking part! This is actually the only serious crafting I've done this year.
My first piece is actually a little digital piece I've made on my phone because we booked a last minute trip to Liverpool and I totally forgot to get a post drafted (My bad!) I have sued a digital stamped frame by the fabulous Teri Sherman. 
No 31 days would be complete without at least 1 mummy, I found these ones in one of the museums in Liverpool. 

Black Dragon
Stampendous Stamps
Lost Coast Designs/Carmen's Veranda
Airless Chambers


Denise Bryant said…
Awesome mummy pics!
Diana said…
It was a really search blog to find the "post comment"hahahaha. It has the same color has your background :D

Awsome pics and love what you did with the frame

My creations
Tink said…
Great job! Love mummy's!!
ionabunny said…
Very cool Mummies. Hugz
Tarnished Rose said…
WOW. I couldn't create a digital card on my computer, much less a phone!
Susan Renshaw said…
Love what you did with the trip photos...gives me an idea...I think I have some Mummy photos from Egypt!
Mary Holshouser said…
Having bad knees, I enjoyed the photo
of the leg in it's own coffin.
Sometimes I'd like to do that with
mine. Great pictures - very
unusual and interesting.
thanks for sharing.
Lyneen J said…
WOW! AWESOME to see a real mummy during the 31 days of Halloween... I know what you mean about participating and having a ton going on in life. I just cannot let the 31 days of Halloween pass without me!
Whew Chilling! Great post! Happy 31 Days of Halloween!
A creeptastic treat to see some real mummies for Day 1 of 31 DOH👻
Sarah Nancarrow said…
Fascinating photos! I love mummy exhibitions and find all thing Egyptian absolutely breathtaking. How awesome that you can make digital pictures with frames on your phone - it looks like digi scrapping!
Kat Coppleman said…
Very cool, and very clever how you made this on your phone!
Enjoy your trip :)
Terra said…
It seems to be the running theme for this year that many of us are participating after a long break...I'm glad 31 Days can still pull the best of us back in lol. I's so good to visit your blog again, and this is an awesome compilation of mummy photos! I'm jealous that you have access to see this in person, and am so glad you shared it with us!
Alison said…
What fantastic photos! They must be so cool to see in person. Love the frame you chose to work with

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