31 days of halloween 2017 - day 24

Arg!!! I thought I scheduled this but clearly not :(

Todays piece is a little hanging piece made from the bottom part of a container that little cheese triangles come it.

I have used a die cut shape and some of th4 creepy lil grumpies to make this.


Denise Bryant said…
Love the monsters and the bat!
Mary Holshouser said…
The grumpies are cute.
Fun hanging.
I'm glad I don't have to
worry about scheduling
postings (just have to
worry about leaving a
comment every day).
I'm not well-versed on
how to use a lot of things
on this dad-dratted computer.
thanks for sharing.
Creepy Awesome project, Love it!
Susan Renshaw said…
Love the grumpies!

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