31 Days of Halloween 2017 - Day 29

I can't believe we are almost at the end of this month!

Today I'm sharing the story of Tom the pumpkin thief.

Tom was a lazy man, he would always leave things until the last minute then take the easy option rather than working for what he needed. One day a rich man offered Tom a handsome fee is he could buy and carve the biggest pumpkin he could find for him. Tom accepted the offer, rather than go out and look for a pumpkin he sat back in his little house and let time fly by while drinking Ale. When it came to the day he was supposed to deliver the pumpkin Tom went out on the hunt, he came across a little log cabin surrounded by bizarre wooden carvings and strange stuffed creatures. Most people would have been scared at the sight, but Tom has his mind on only getting his pay so when he saw the biggest most awesomely carved pumpkin he had ever seen he had to have it. Tom wrapped the pumpkin in a blanket and lifted it onto a near by wooden cart as it was far to heavy for him to carry all the way into the town.
As Tom was leaving the strange little house something shiney landed on the floor in front of him, it was a shiny coin. Tom reached down to pick ip up, after all he was never one to pass up on the easy option of making some money. As he leaned over a crazy woman leapt over the bush next to him welding a glistening axe and sliced his head clean off! As a warning to others she placed his head on a spike to display outside her home.

The morals of the story? Don't piss off the crazy woman! If she is working to build up her castle think long and hard if it's worth losing your head over claiming her hard work as your own.


Mary Holshouser said…
Great story.
I'm an old lady - have to keep
this in mind.
thanks for sharing.
Tink said…
Great story! Thanks for sharing..
Sarah Nancarrow said…
Oooh sounds like my neighbour lol Tom will now fit in well on Game of Thrones with all the other heads on sticks.
Susan Renshaw said…
Great story and there's poor Tom on his stick!
Haha great story, sorry Tom!

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