31 days of Halloween 2017 - Day 5

So sorry for the late post! It's been a manic day today and I totally forgot I needed to set cover for my classes as I'm on a trip tomorrow.

I'm actually really loving this piece today and I have a feeling it might end up being an all year round decoration rather than just halloween...can totally see that skull with a santa hat on :D

I've made this wreathe with a styrofoam base that I covered in tissue paper and some webbed material, I've added some black ribbon and a skull to finish it.


Diana said…
I like this one. I got also some "halloween" stuff hanging around all year :D

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Mary Holshouser said…
He can wear a Santa hat, bunny ears,
a shiny crown for New Year's - endless
this wreath would go on my front door.
thanks for sharing.
Susan Renshaw said…
Love your wreath...it would look good on my front door!!
ionabunny said…
Very cool. Hugz
Denise Bryant said…
Awesome wreath! I accidentally left my pine Christmas wreath on my door when I packed up the rest of the decorations, so I left it all year!
Sarah Nancarrow said…
Awesome wreath - what a great addition to your door!
Your wreath is awesome! I love the material you used-cool.
Tink said…
This is just super spooky! Love it
Kat Coppleman said…

Great wreath! I can definitely see him with a santa hat on too. And then with little green hat on Saint Pat's day, and bunny ears at Easter!!

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